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How do I know if I have ADHD?

If any of the following symptoms resonate with you, then you might benefit from an ADHD assessment. We will also assess for other conditions that can mask themselves as ADHD such as Adjustment Disorder, Depression, Anxiety etc 

  • You are often distracted and not able to focus on what you need to do 
  • You are forgetful or misplacing things 
  • You are feeling scattered or overwhelmed 
  • You have difficulty getting started or finishing tasks/chores/activities (especially when it’s something you want to do!) 
  • You  get bored easily or feel like you always have to be doing something 
  • You constantly overestimate/underestimate time it takes to do thingsor go places 

Our program gathers an in-depth understanding of a person’s challenges and offers a unique, holistic approach. 

However, at the end of assessment, ADHD may be diagnosed, but it may not. Importantly, you’ll receive a detailed report with recommendations uniquely-tailored to your symptoms and presenting concerns with the opportunity to discuss the next steps with your assessing Psychologist. Regardless of the diagnosis, you also have a chance to complete a consultation with our Psychiatrist.