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What are the benefits of the RIAS-2?

At BeWell, we believe that understanding your intellectual abilities can be incredibly valuable, whether you are seeking academic or career guidance or simply want to gain a better understanding of yourself.  

   RIAS-2  Other cognitive assessments 
Completion time  45 minutes  ~ 2 hours 
Assessment of verbal and non-verbal intelligence  Yes  No 
Culturally sensitive  Designed and tested to be culturally fair  Often culturally biased 
Assesses memory  Yes  Requires additional testing ($$) 
Testing location  In-person,  virtual, or both  One or the other, not both 


The RIAS-2 is a versatile tool that can help us achieve this goal, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your intellectual abilities. The inclusion of a cognitive assessment can help identify specific areas of executive functioning strengths and weaknesses that may be contributing to ADHD symptoms.  


BeWell is the only clinic in the GTA offering an ADHD assessment that includes insights to your cognitive profile, at no additional fee!