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What’s the full program breakdown and price?

Same-day consultation  

  • Discuss the program details  
  • Determine if we are both a good fit 
  • Match you with the right practitioner 
Clinical Interview 

  • Discuss your medical & mental health history 
  • Assess for comorbidities and underlying mental health conditions   
Psychological Assessments & Report 

  • Get the most comprehensive set of testing and assessments to understand the full scope of your situation 
 Feedback & recommendations 

  • Go over findings with your Psychologist and Assessment team member  
  • Receive feedback and clinical recommendations 
  • Discuss diagnosis of your mental health situation and the next steps for your situation such as medication management, and therapy. 
Psychiatry appointments (if needed) 

  • Access to in-house Psychiatry for medication management and treatment plan, if needed 
Ongoing care and coaching (extra fee) 

  • Get personalized support and coaching with a Registered Psychotherapist, Social Worker, or Psychologist that specializes in ADHD  
  • Assess and treat  comorbidities or underlying mental health conditions  
  • Referrals to naturopathy for supplements and diets 


Price of the program $2,470