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High-quality client-centered care, leading clinical practices, and collaborative teamwork.

Join Our Mental Wellness Community

High quality patient-centered care, leading clinical practices, and collaborative teamwork.

About BeWell

We are state of the art Integrative Psychological Wellness Centres offering care for the entire family. At BeWell, we’re firm believers in the power of compassion and a multifaceted approach to mental health.

Led by our Director of Psychological Programs, our team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Registered Social workers offer comprehensive Outpatient Programs. We’re tackling everything from Addictions and Mood/Anxiety Disorders to BPD, Eating Disorders, ADHD, and more.

Our model of care is genuinely integrative where all practitioners work closely with each other to reach the best client outcomes.

Our Centres

Our clinics, conveniently located in South Mississauga and the Corktown/Durand area of Hamilton, are purpose-built centres that our clinicians and clients love being a part of. Our Parent Company has been around for 10 years, is BIPOC owned, and we have owned and managed Clinics within Canada and Internationally. We have been revolutionaries and award winners in multi-disciplinary health care space.

Our Approach

With so many roles available in Mental Health, it’s hard to decide what works best for you – Private Practice OR a Clinic OR a Large Corporation. Then there’s figuring out if you want to work Virtually only or In-Person or Hybrid. We consider ourselves the best of all worlds – we have conducted tons of research with other industry leaders in mental health as well as clinicians, to create an organization and model that can truly be considered Win-Win. Our Clinician Retention Rate over the last 5 years is over 95%. We joke around here – once a BeWeller, always a BeWeller

Working at BeWell

Working at BeWell

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Clinicians are paid whether a client pays or not
  • Paid according to service rendered vs payment received
  • Therapy, Diagnostic and Medication Management services available
  • Strong management and infrastructure

Working at Conventional Clinics

  • Mainly virtual or outdated health care facilities
  • Only paid if a client pays
  • Paid according to payment received vs services rendered
  • Typically, only Therapy available. Limiting client’s access to medication management or diagnosis services
  • Decentralized work environment

Modern Centres and Better Benefits

Administrative Support

Support 11 hours a day from our Care Team for patient management, client billing, & more.

State of the Art Centres

Purpose build beautiful centres where you and your clients will enjoy being.

Integrative Team

Network and grow with a team of high-caliber Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists.

Social Connection

Get involved in team building events and outings. BeWell Social events are truly ones for the books.

Supervision Sessions

Access clinic-paid supervision sessions throughout the month.

Supplementary Income

Option to get involved in program development, supervision and other initiatives to enhance your earnings.

Training Opportunities

Several subsidized training sessions available for your continuous learning.

Health Benefits

Clinic Subsidized extended health benefits.

Paid for your Work

We respect your time & work. No more worrying about client payments, if you held a session, you are paid!

Once a BeWeller, Always a BeWeller

Open Positions

Join our team and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others and grow both personally & professionally

Part-Time Junior Graphic Designer

Mississauga, Toronto, or Hamilton

Administrator and Care Team

Hamilton & Mississauga

Psychometrist/Psychoeducational Assessment Consultant

Hamilton & Mississauga

Psychotherapist or Social Worker

Hamilton & Mississauga / Hybrid

Join Our Community

Our team is continuously growing. If you didn’t see a position listed that meets your qualifications, we encourage you to contact us at:​

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