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Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Why choose in-person for addiction treatment ?

Our unique in-person care model offers you many benefits such as:  Connection to emotions  Face-to-face interactions  No technical difficulties  Welcoming and safe interactions  Friendly and supportive care by staff 

Why choose our programs?

Personalized treatment plan  Psychiatrist consultation to address mental health concerns  Psychiatric services including Medicaid for duration of the program  Highly experienced practitioners   State-of-the-art facility  Safe and welcoming environment 

RecoverWellProgram vs Intensive Addiction Treatment Program?

RecoverWell: This program is focused on a client-centered approach to meet your individual needs through a personalized treatment plan.   Intensive Addiction Treatment: This program mirrors an intensive in-patient rehab (treatment) program focusing on group work while having access to a multi-disciplinary team and holistic approach.   Are you unsure which one is the right fit for …

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