Integrating Massage Therapy in Mental Health Treatment

At BeWell, we have seen the tremendous benefits massage therapy can have for our clients, and incorporate massage therapy in all of our treatment plans. Your massage experience will be tailored to your specific needs and limits, and our massage therapists will work with you to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable during your sessions. Not only does massage provide much-needed relaxation throughout the treatment process, but its neurochemical effects can enhance your ability to participate in and benefit from other therapies that we offer, allowing you to experience even more profound healing and personal growth.

Neurochemical Benefits for Anxiety and Depression

While massage can be deeply relaxing on a purely physical level, research also indicates that it produces profound neurochemical changes that increase psychological well-being. One study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that serotonin increased an average of 28% and dopamine levels increased 31% following massage therapy. These neurological changes may explain why people with depression and anxiety who receive massage treatments report decreased symptoms. A meta-analysis of studies on massage as a treatment for depression published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that “Massage therapy is significantly associated with alleviated depressive symptoms.” Meanwhile, a pilot study on young adults in an inpatient psychiatric unit reported that, “Massage therapy had immediate beneficial effects on anxiety-related measures.”