With individuals who are on traditional medications, we work to decrease or eradicate the adverse effects of these drugs. For example, genetics, nutrient deficiency, and toxic exposures are all taken into consideration. Meticulous assessment of these possible factors, including lab testing, physical evaluation, and a detailed patient history, all help inform the most effective personalized treatment to address underlying problems.

Medication Management Process

Our Psychiatrists will meet each patient whose referral has been accepted for a one time consult during which both parties will mutually discuss if they are the right fit for each other. The process to see a Psychiatrist is as follows:

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Once we have had a chance to review your referral, our office will be in touch within a week to advise if your referral was accepted or not.

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At that point we will provide an appointment time, which can be a few months in the future.



Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete a detailed intake form outlining your health history. Please be advised that while Psychiatric consults are covered by Ohip, there is a significant wait time to see one. We recommend getting started with a Psychotherapist or Psychologist while you wait to see a Psychiatrist. Our Naturopathic doctors can prescribe medical grade health supplements while you wait for medication commencement.