In therapy, a parent can address their feelings about a certain issue, find support and guidance, and seek professional help for parenting issues and concerns. Parental counseling promotes caring, consistent, and positive parenting that are central to creating safe and supportive environments for children. It increases parental knowledge of child development; assist parents in developing parenting skills; and normalizes the challenges and difficulties inherent in parenting.

How Can Parental Counseling Help?

Parents will be supported in identifying and expressing your feelings related to the child’s difficulties so that these feelings will not interfere with your parenting. Parents can learn specialized therapeutic parenting techniques, such as advanced listening and comforting techniques, if the child has experienced a stressful or traumatic event; children exposed to a trauma usually need therapeutic parenting following the trauma; normal parenting practices are often not sufficient to help the child heal and recover from the trauma.

Treatment Options

Parents will be supported in dealing with other issues causing stress in their life that may be impacting on their ability to help the child.

– Individual Talk Therapy
– Group Talk Therapy
– Relaxation modalties to ensure self care