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How can I determine if ADHD testing is the next step for me?

If any of the following symptoms resonate with you, then you might benefit from an ADHD assessment. We will also assess for other conditions that can mask themselves as ADHD such as Adjustment Disorder, Depression, Anxiety etc:

  • Always drifting off-task and struggling to focus
  • Constantly misplacing things or forgetting what you were doing
  • Feeling totally scattered and overwhelmed
  • Finding it hard to kickstart or finish tasks
  • Easily bored and craving constant stimulation
  • Forever underestimating or overestimating how long things take

Our program gathers an in-depth understanding of a person’s challenges and offers a unique, Integrative Approach.

At the conclusion of your assessment journey, while ADHD might be identified as a possibility, it’s not a certainty. What is certain, though, is that you’ll receive a comprehensive report tailored specifically to your symptoms and concerns. You’ll have the chance to sit down with your assessing Psychologist to go through the next steps. Plus, regardless of the diagnosis, you’ll also have the option to consult with one of our Psychiatrists for further guidance and support.