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Psychology & Diagnosis

A series of in-depth psychological evaluations and talk therapy sessions to diagnose your mental health condition

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What is a Psychological Assessment?

A psychological assessment is conducted if you would like a diagnosis for your mental health or if your current therapist needs assistance understanding your full mental health landscape.

Psychologists are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health problems and disorders to understand an individual's cognitive, emotional, and behavioural profiles.

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Why Get A Psychological Assessment?

An assessment can help you identify the root cause of your current mental state

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Benefits Of Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment gives you a complete understanding of your mental health so you can work with your Psychologist or Therapist on an effective treatment plan.

Psychology & Diagnosis

For Kids, Youth, & Adults

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Do I Need to Get a Psychological Assessment?

Getting a Psychological diagnosis can help you fully understand the root cause of your mental health. It can be used as a means of support, cope with emotional distress, and get a better understanding of your situation.

Here are some scenarios in which Psychological diagnosis can become a helpful tool:

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What To Expect From Your Psychological Assessment?

Get matched with a Psychologist

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Attend 3-4 sessions

Your Psychologist will ask a variety of questions, administer testing, and use different talk therapy modalities to arrive at a diagnosis.

Get a diagnosis & report

Your Psychologist will hand you a report with the findings for you to keep for your medical records.

Your Psychology Questions Answered!

These long titles can be confusing and intimidating! Here’s a breakdown of what each kind of professional offers: 

  • Psychotherapists and Social Workers offer talk therapy. Their education and experience are comparable, and they are often covered under the same line item in insurance policies. 
  • Psychologists often have a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and are able to perform assessments and give medical diagnoses. They also offer talk therapy.  
  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the prescription of medications for mental health concerns. 

Our team of leading experts work together to make sure their patients are receiving the best care we can offer. 

Yes, our Psychologists can offer talk therapy appointments as well. Visit our team page to find the best Psychologist for your needs.

The price of a session varies depending on the practitioner’s credential and duration of the service. To see prices, please go to our booking page and select the service and practitioner of your interest. 

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Psychology vs Psychotherapy vs Psychiatry


Umbrella term for specialists that use talk therapy to treat mental conditions.
Can be administered by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists or Social Workers


Focus on medical care and medication management
Can also diagnose mental health conditions

Provide talk therapy or counselling


Focus on diagnosing and administering tests for mental health conditions

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