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Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
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Work-Related Mental Stress Injuries

One-Time or Recurrent Traumatic Exposures

Psychological Response After Index Injury

First-Responders, Health Care, Teachers & Skilled Trades

Anxiety Depression

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Three Most Common Psychological Issues
After a Workplace Injury

Coping after experiencing a workplace injury can feel like a crashing wave of emotions and feelings. Here are some of the common psychological issues after experiencing a work-related injury:


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At BeWell, our goal is to accompany you through the entire process with personalized client support and a complete care approach. As a WSIB-Approved Provider within the Community Mental Health Program (CMHP), we provide Psychological Assessments for workplace mental stress injuries and offer Psychological Treatment so you can start feeling yourself again.

WSIB-CMHP Assessment & Treatment by BeWell Team

Benefits of Early Intervention with a WSIB-CMHP Psychologist

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Frequently Asked Questions

The assessment is covered through WSIB. If you are approved after submitting a claim, you won’t have to pay for the assessment program.

The first step is to file a claim under the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), the organization in charge of providing support to Ontario’s workers. After you get a claim number, the next step is to contact us to begin the assessment and treatment process.

To file a claim with WSIB, follow this link. 

To get started with us, book a free consultation here. 

Yes, we do. We are one of the few WSIB-approved providers that can offer therapeutic care after your assessment. We work with registered Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Social Workers with extensive experience with mental stress injuries and provide evidence-informed and goal-oriented treatment plans