Customised Addiction Treatment Program in Mississauga & Hamilton

Work on relapse prevention, symptom management & concurrent disorders

What to Expect From the RecoverWell Program?

At BeWell, we understand that seeking help takes a lot of courage. Today, we are here to congratulate you for taking this initial big first step as you begin this life-changing recovery journey.

Our Customized Addiction Treatment Program is your initial stepping stone to help you:

The Structure of The Program

Type of program : In-person Customized Outpatient Program

Location : BeWell Hamilton Health Centre or BeWell Clarkson Health Centre

Duration: 4 weeks

Weekly Schedule: Flexible


1 x 60 minute consultation, 20 minute follow-up sessions as needed.

*All Psychiatry appointments are virtual.
We connect you with one of our doctors to discuss medications that might best support your recovery and dosage optimization

*referral from family doctor required as they will provide ongoing care after program completion

*OHIP card required

  • 11 hours total (combination of 60 and 30 minute sessions)
    *Virtual or in-person sessions available
  • Additional 15 minute check-in calls


Talk therapy with Registered Psychotherapists or Registered Social Worker. These sessions help with craving and trigger management, relationships, and strategies for ongoing recovery.

  • 1 x 60 minute assessment


Naturopathy works with the body’s natural rhythms and systems to support overall health and wellbeing.

  • Ongoing!


A member of our Care Team acts as your dedicated guide to our clinic and programs, including assistance navigating fees, insurance, and booking. They are available to you at extended hours and offer customised and priority scheduling support.

  • 15% off family therapy sessions


Throughout the program you can have 15% off family therapy sessions if you and your loved ones require support.

By support network we include:

Siblings, parents, spouses, guardians, partners, children, or anyone else who plays an essential role in your recovery process.

  • Valid for 6 months after completing the program


Available upon completion of the program for individual therapy and family therapy sessions.

Are you looking for a more intensive treatment?
Learn more about our Intensive Addiction Treatment Program

Is this program right for you?

If you or a loved ones:

Then you are a candidate to begin our program. To learn more about admission and program details, contact our Care Team by booking a consultation

Types of Addiction Treatments Provided at BeWell Clinics

Our outpatient program can help you or a loved one navigate the journey to recovery from substance and behavioral use disorders all while addressing the concurrent mental health disorders.

At BeWell we can help you treat:

Substance Abuse Disorder, Behavioral Addictions and Concurrent Disorders

A team of therapists ready to support you

Kathleen Wilson
Registered Psychotherapist
Dr. Samir Ghandi
Registered Psychotherapist
Tulsi Radia
Registered Psychotherapist
Sarah Schwalm
Registered Psychotherapist
Rasheeda Henry
Registered Psychotherapist
Novlette Alexander
Registered Psychotherapist
Nishith Pandya
Registered Psychotherapist
Ninat Friedland
Registered Psychotherapist

After completing the RecoverWell program, you are entitled to receive $500 off the Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program if you enroll within 6 months after completing it.

RecoverWell FAQ

RecoverWell: This program is focused on a client-centered approach to meet your individual needs through a personalized treatment plan.   

Intensive Addiction Treatment: This program mirrors an intensive in-patient rehab (treatment) program focusing on group work while having access to a multi-disciplinary team and holistic approach. 

Are you unsure which one is the right fit for you? Contact our Care Team to help you get started. 

  • Personalized treatment plan 
  • Psychiatrist consultation to address mental health concerns 
  • Psychiatric services including Medicaid for duration of the program 
  • Highly experienced practitioners  
  • State-of-the-art facility 
  • Safe and welcoming environment 

Our unique in-person care model offers you many benefits such as:

  • Connection to emotions 
  • Face-to-face interactions 
  • No technical difficulties 
  • Welcoming and safe interactions 
  • Friendly and supportive care by staff 

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