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(Talk Therapy)

Talk therapy to manage emotional difficulties and treat mental illness

The BeWell Approach

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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an umbrella term to refer to a specialist who uses talk therapy to manage mental health. This science-based treatment can help you overcome emotional challenges, treat mental health issues, and manage symptoms.

This type of therapy is offered by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists or Social Workers.

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What Can Psychotherapy Help You With?

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Benefits Of

Studies consistently show that psychotherapy effectively improves symptoms in a wide range of mental illnesses, making it the first-line treatment for many mental health conditions.

(Talk Therapy)

For kids, youth, & adults

For Families

For Couples

Do I Need To Go To Therapy?

Therapy isn’t for just when we are in crisis or have a diagnosed mental illness. It can be used as a means of support, cope with emotional distress, get a better understanding of oneself, and find ways to manage life challenges and transitions.

Here are some scenarios in which Psychotherapy can become a helpful tool:

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Your Therapy Questions Answered!

Therapy is right for anyone who wants it! Our practitioners provide a safe space for patients to process their emotions and examine the thoughts behind them, helping you to address trauma or difficult situations. They are a sounding board for your worries and fears, and are your cheerleaders in your plans for growth. They can help you gain insight into relationships of all kinds. They also can help you develop coping skills to better manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns so that you can be more fully functional in your daily life.  


If you’re ready to give yourself the space and compassion to heal and grow, therapy is right for you! 

In general, we can bill most insurance companies directly for services booked and billed as Psychology and Social Work. This includes psychology appointments provided by psychotherapists. We cannot bill directly for psychotherapy appointments but are happy to provide receipts for you file a claim after.  

Some common insurance providers we work with are:  

  • Canada Life (formerly Great West Life) 
  • Desjardins 
  • Equitable Life 
  • Green Shield 
  • Blue Cross 
  • iA Financial Group 

 If your provider is not on this list,  Contact us and we will let you know if we accept it. 

The price of a session varies depending on the practitioner’s credential and duration of the service. To see prices, please go to our booking page and select the service and practitioner of your interest. 

We have several practitioners who treat underage patients for a variety of concerns. We work with parents to support young ones and help grow their confidence. 

Patients under the age of 12 begin their journey with an hour-long parent intake appointment. This helps our practitioners better grasp what your concerns and treatment goals are, as well as to get a better idea of what home is like. We keep in touch with periodic 30-minute parent update sessions, so you remain involved in your child’s care.  


Patients over the age of 12 must provide their written consent to share details of their appointments with anyone, in accordance with provincial and college regulations and PHIPA. 


We also understand that being a parent to a young person experiencing mental health difficulty is very challenging. We also offer parenting support sessions to help you with your own concerns so that you can be at your best for your family.  

Starting therapy can be scary and difficult to navigate, but we are here to help.  


If you are not sure where to start, our dedicated Care Team is available from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm to answer all your questions and make personalized recommendations to best meet your needs. They will connect you with our stellar practitioners and help guide you through the booking process, and a dedicated Wellness Concierge will remain in touch to ensure the best fit for you.  


Call us, send us a text message, or email us and we will be happy to support you.  Contact us today. 

Short answer: Yes, we do!

Several of our structured Programs include medication management, up to five follow-up appointments after an hour-long consultation. This allows our doctors to see how your medications are working and get you to a dosage that works best for you, your body, and your life. Once these follow-ups are completed you will be discharged to the care of your family doctor or GP for ongoing management.


Patients who are not enrolled in one of our Programs are encouraged to contact our Care Team to find out your options.  


External patients are welcome to send in referrals outside of program involvement. Please note the wait time for a Psychiatrist appointment is currently 3-5 months, and following your one-time medication consultation your comprehensive note with recommendations will be sent to your family doctor or GP, to whom you will be discharged for ongoing management.  


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Psychology vs Psychotherapy vs Psychiatry


Umbrella term for specialists that use talk therapy to treat mental conditions.
Can be administered by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists or Social Workers


Focus on medical care and medication management
Can also diagnose mental health conditions

Provide talk therapy or counselling


Focus on diagnosing and administering tests for mental health conditions

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