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Art Therapy

Using visual arts during the therapy process to manage psychological difficulties

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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is considered a treatment modality within Psychotherapy or talk therapy. It incorporates the use of imagery, colours, and shapes during your therapy session to enable-exploration. Art therapy, facilitated by a Registered Psychotherapist, effectively allows you to express difficult emotions, treat psychological disorders, and enhance your mental health.

Things to cinsider before starting Art Therapy:

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What Can Art Therapy Help You With?

Art Therapy can help us manage our mental health conditions when words are difficult to use to express ourselves and our emotions.

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Benefits Of Art Therapy

Art therapy can benefit a wide range of individuals, including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors, who may be dealing with various mental health or emotional challenges. It can also be used for self-exploration and expression.

Here are some scenarios in which Art Therapy can become a helpful tool:

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Can Anyone Do Art Therapy?

Art therapy is appropriate for all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have any artistic talent. The focus of the sessions is to improve your mental wellbeing through the use of visual arts.

Sometimes we cannot find words to explain our situation or we simply don’t have a clear understanding of what we feel. Certified Art Therapists can help you express difficult emotions and enable self-exploration through the creative process.

It is a great fit for children and adolescents because their most natural form of communication is play. Additionally, it is often challenging for them to describe what they are feeling and find certain words but they understand visuals. It is great for anyone who may be nervous about therapy or hesitant to share experiences.

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Your Art Therapy Questions Answered

No. Art Therapy is about self-expression and exploration. Your certified Art Therapist will guide you through the creative process of this insightful therapy method. It is all about the Psychological process rather than the finished product. 

Your therapist will gauge your interests and explain the benefits of different types of art therapy best suited for your situation. The sessions could include working with different materials and techniques such as water paint, color pencils, and 3D art. 

For in-person appointments, materials will be provided. However, for online Art Therapy sessions, you are responsible for bringing the material to class. 

Art therapy is for everyone! When words, emotions, or situations are difficult to express in words, art can be a helpful tool to communicate and explore our needs.  


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