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Comprehensive Gifted Assessment Program for Children & Adolescents

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What is a Gifted Assessment?

A Gifted Assessment for Kids & Youth is a Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation Process designed to identify and measure a child’s exceptional Cognitive, Academic, Creative, or Artistic abilities. Gifted Assessments aim to determine if a child possesses advanced skills and talents beyond their age peers. 


These assessments are required for enrollment in special gifted programs within public or private school systems. 

Components of our
Psychoeducational Assessment Program

For Children & Adolescents

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  • Clinical Interview with
  • Parents/Caregivers


Our Clinicians will conduct separate Clinical Interviews to understand the caregiver’s primary concerns, family mental health and medical history & the current symptoms impacting your child. 

Our Clinicians will review documentation such as Report Cards, IEPs, and Previous Evaluations (if any). 

Following the Parent Clinical Interview, our Assessment Team will begin the Testing & Assessment stage, including Evaluations of: 

  • Intellectual & Academic Achievement  
  • Behavior & Cognitive Functioning 
  • Sustained Attention  
  • Visual & Verbal Memory  
  • Visual Motor Integration  

Your child’s Assessing Psychologist will discuss the Assessment Findings & provide recommendations for School and Home. 

A Report  with recommendations to support your child's overall wellbeing and academic success will be received following the Parent Feedback Session. 

Price of the Program: $3,500

Does Your Child Need a Gifted Assessment?

If your child is between 7 to 17 years old and the school or you suspect that any of the following signs are present:

  • Quick grasp of concepts and advanced learning abilities
  • Early reading and language skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrates creativity and innovation
  • Shows signs of boredom or disengagement in regular activities
  • Mastery of skills beyond their age group
  • Displays high levels of sensitivity or emotional depth
  • Interest in complex or abstract concepts

Then our Gifted Assessment Program is right for them. Contact our Care Team to explore more benefits and details of the program.

Our Care Team is Ready to Assist You!

Expert Assessment Team

Dr. Jack Muskat
Senior Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Sousan Hejazi
Clinical Psychologist
Everett Lawrence Adams II (E. L.)
M.A., Ed. S, C.Psych.
Clinical Psychologist
Megan McIntosh
Megan McIntosh

When can I test my Child for Giftedness?

The ideal timing for testing a child for giftedness can vary based on factors such as the child’s age, development, and the assessment practices in the region. Our Psychology Assessment teams makes the following recommendations to consider testing at various stages of their education: 

  1. Preschool/Early Childhood: to observe early signs of exceptional cognitive or creative potential. 
  1. Elementary School: many assessments happen here based on academic performance, teacher recommendations, or parental requests because that’s when the child’s abilities become more evident. 
  1. Middle School and High School: assessments might focus on advanced cognitive abilities, specialized talents, or specific subjects. 


It’s important to note that:

Children develop differently, so look for consistent signs of advanced abilities.

Every School Board requires different testing. We will work within the standards to provide the right one for your child.

Not every child that comes for Gifted Assessments will be diagnosed as gifted

Contact us today to see if your child might benefit from a Gifted Assessment.

What Comes After the Assessment Process?

We work with you and your child to achieve long-term success

Psychiatry & Medication Management

If it’s determined that your child might benefit from Medication Management, we can refer you to our Psychiatry team.

Child & Youth

Evidence-based therapy treatment services for your child’s needs such as Talk Therapy, Play Therapy, CBT Therapy, and DBT.

Effective parenting

Family & Parenting Support Therapy

Family Therapy & Parenting Support Therapy to help you navigate this journey & equip you with the skills to better support your child.

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    Biological Parents: both Parents are required to provide written consent regardless of marital/relationship status.  Exception includes if one parent is able to provide   legal documentation indicating sole decision-making authority regarding education and health decisions for the child.  

    Primary Caregivers who are not Biological Parents: CAS, Foster, Adoptive Parents, Grandparents, or any other Family Member(s) who have proof of legal decision-making authority, will need to provide documentation and written consent.

    The typical turnaround time for a Psychoeducational Assessment can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the Assessment, availability to complete live testing, the number of Tests Administered, and the Completion of Parent and Teacher Questionnaires. In general, the Turnaround Time can be around 4 weeks.

    Yes, Parents or Guardians are involved in the Gifted Assessment Process. One Parent or Guardian is required to be present during the Clinical Interview and Feedback Appointment. Your Child is not required to be present during these Appointments. 


    Your child's live testing session will be completed one-on-one with one of our assessment team members to ensure that the assessment results are as unbiased and accurate as possible. During the Assessment Process, our goal is to understand your Child's Abilities, learning Style, and any other notable skill. Having Parents present during the testing sessions could inadvertently influence the child's responses or behavior. 

    This program is for kids and adolescents between the ages of 7 to 17 years old.

    Our primary focus is to assist individuals and their families in better understanding their learning styles, cognitive abilities, and educational needs. We strive to offer the necessary support and interventions to help each individual reach their full potential, regardless of a formal diagnosis. 

    At the end of the Assessment process a Diagnosis may or may not be given. Each child is unique, and not every client will meet criteria for a Psychological Diagnosis following a comprehensive assessment. 

    Nevertheless, our Program will help you understand the skills and potential of your child and provide actionable insights to improve quality of life, and suggest school accommodations (if needed), and help integrate socially.

    If you feel ready to begin the program, Book a Free Consultation with our Care Team at your preferred time. If you have any further questions about our program, Contact Us today for more information.

    Yes, our team consists of licensed and registered mental health professionals who have undergone specialized training to work with children and adolescents, ensuring that the treatment approach is tailored to your child’s specific developmental stage and needs. 

    Our treatment modalities are rooted in evidence-based goal-oriented practices, ensuring effective treatment approaches for your child. We strive to offer the most current and evidence-supported treatments available. 

    Our Child Therapy Treatments include: 

    • Individual Therapy: One-on-one counseling sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of the child or adolescent. 
    • Play Therapy: Utilizing play as a means of communication and expression for younger clients. 
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Helping children and adolescents develop coping skills and challenge negative thought patterns. 
    • Dialectical Behavior therapy (DBT): Helping children and adolescents understand difficult feelings and emotions and develop skills to better manage them. 
    • Family Therapy: Addressing family dynamics and strengthening relationships to support the child's well-being.
    • Avoid mentioning that they are attending a Gifted Assessment instead say: “We are going to do a study to help us figure out ways to make school more interesting for you”
    • Explain the process in a simple manner they understand. Our Team will provide material to help you navigate this.


    Remember that the goal is to create an environment where your child feels supported, confident, and empowered to showcase their true abilities during the assessment. Keep the process enjoyable and stress-free, focusing on their growth and well-being.