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Optimizing Mental Health of Families & Children

Therapy & Assessment Services

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  • Child Psychologists & Therapists
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Therapy Services for Children, Teens, and Family

Services for Kids, Youth/Teens (3 - 17 years old)

Child & Teen

Child & Teen Therapy

Child Psychologists & Registered Therapists offering tailored sessions to help them improve their life at home & school, build resilience, coping skills and emotional well-being.


Psychological Assessments

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments with Child Psychologists to gain insights into cognitive, emotional, and behavioural aspects to support informed guidance and targeted interventions


Medication Management

Expert Child Psychiatric Medication Management for children and adolescents. Personalized care to ensure safe and effective treatment, fostering long-term mental health and well-being.


Play Therapy

Engaging & transformative therapy designed to help kids & teens express & process emotions, and negative challenges in a supportive & creative environment with a Registered Play Therapist.


Psychoeducational Assessments

Get a clear understanding of a child’s or teen’s learning strengths & areas needing support. Empowering parents and educators with valuable information to facilitate tailored learning strategies and academic success.

Art & Music

Art & Music Therapy

Harnessing the creative power of art and music to explore emotions, enhance communication, and promote personal growth with Registered Therapists.

Services to Support Family & Care Givers

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Personalized one-on-one therapy sessions for adults, offering a confidential space to address challenges, improve mental health, and cultivate overall well-being.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Guided Family Therapy sessions that foster open communication, strengthen relationships, and navigate through conflicts in a supportive and constructive manner.

Parenting Support Therapy

Parenting Support Therapy

Tailored sessions designed to empower parents with effective strategies, communication skills, and tools to navigate various parenting challenges.

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Child Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Registered Social Workers & Registered Psychotherapists

Brooklyn Hull


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E.L. Adams


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Shahrukh Afzal

Social Worker (MSW)

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Kathleen Wilson

Qualifying Psychotherapist

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Haileigh Talbot

Mental Health Performance Consultant

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Rasheeda Henry


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Lorena Dolinar

Registered Psychotherapist

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Nichole Williamson

Registered Social Worker

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Daniella Sanchez

Registered Social Worker

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Sarah Schwalm

Registered Psychotherapist

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Ashley Kwan


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Alexandra Wilson

Registered Social Worker

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Grace Gronkowska

Psychological Associate

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Nishith Pandya


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There is no parental consent required for your age. If your parents are paying for the sessions they may have access to receipts and session timings. 

Our prices vary depending on the practitioner and service. To see a full list of prices, please visit our booking page.

Here are some scenarios where each service can be useful:


  • Helps with emotional, behavioural, and social challenges. 
  • Useful for anxiety, depression, behaviour issues, and stress. 
  • Focuses on coping, communication, and emotional growth. 


Psychological Assessment: 

  • Evaluates cognitive, emotional, and developmental aspects. 
  • Useful for learning disabilities, ADHD, diagnostic clarity. 
  • Provides insights for tailored interventions and support. 
  • For guidance tailored to your child's specific situation 


For guidance tailored to your child’s specific situation, book a free consultation. 

We understand how important it is to support your child during their wellness journey. We offer diverse services to equip you and your family with the right strategies and tools to support your children: 

  • Parenting Support Therapy: These sessions help parents who are struggling with their own issues or difficulties their children are facing. You will receive guidance, strategies, & tools to help you handle the situation and overcome parenting challenges. 


  • Family Therapy:  These sessions can help strengthen relationships, improve communication, and navigate challenges together. 


  • Individual Therapy: Talk Therapy sessions to work on your own personal challenges and mental health concern to not only grow as a parent but find your own peace of mind.